About the Directory

Podtrac lists some of the most popular online shows and podcasts in Podtrac Player Directory. Online shows are episodic audio or video shows around a big idea, and most are available as podcasts in iTunes or Zune.

Don't see your favorite podcast listed?
Podtrac lists a few hundred of the top online shows and podcasts in the directory, but we know that doesn’t mean your favorite show is listed. So Podtrac Player gives you a way for you to enter the RSS feed for your favorite shows so you can watch or listen to them and share them with your friends and fellow fans. Here’s how...

  1. Enter the RSS feed for the show. Use a search engine to find the RSS feed for the show by searching on the show name and "RSS" and/or "XML".
  2. Once you find it, copy and paste it into the url box provided.

For Publishers
If you are the publisher of an online audio or video show or podcast, a few suggestions...