Embedded vs Pop-Up Player
Consider an embedded player if you want to showcase the audio or video content as important part of your website, and if you want to encourage users to remain on your site as they listen or watch the content. Consider a pop-up player if the content within the player is unusually long, or if an embedded player (of any size) does not work for your website layout. With the tabbed browsing options of Internet Explorer and other browsers, consider that offering a pop-up player for long format shows may offer less incremental convenience than earlier versions of browsers, depending on how individuals use their browser.
File Size
The Podtrac Player supports any file size. As with YouTube files, a brief buffering period occurs before the file starts to play. The larger the file, the longer the buffering period. If the buffering period is longer than desired, consider these options:
1. Adjust the bit rate of your audio or video files

2. Adjust the resolution of your video file

3. Consider developing a feed optimized for real-time plays through the Podtrac Player, and a second feed for podcatchers such as iTunes.

4. Consider that high definition resolutions may be less important to most who use website players or the iPhone to watch videos. Most users interested in high resolutions are more likely to use platforms such as iTunes to download before viewing.